Wild Mammals Activity Book for Kids (3-5 Year Olds)

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What are the various types of mammal families? Which are predators versus prey? Do different animals make different footprints? Why does the poop of different animals look different? This book of activities takes your preschooler through various wild animals and their characteristics.

Your child:

  • Learns about shapes and symmetry
  • Conducts an experiment for sideways and forward-facing eyes
  • Develops her imagination with an animal activity jar
  • Learns about feelings by making an animal feeling cup

Table Of Contents:

  1. Mammals Families
  2. Monkey Song
  3. Who Am Eye?
  4. What Animal Are You?
  5. Animals Footprints
  6. Animal Poop
  7. Forest Animals Game
  8. Zoo Animals Bowling
  9. Story Time—The Jolly Jungle Fete
  10. Jungle Songs
  11. Big Cats
  12. Animal Symmetry
  13. I Can Reach High
  14. Feed The Hippos
  15. Animal Sequence
  16. Name That Feeling
  17. Template

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