Taking Care of Nature Activity Book for Kids (3-5 Year Olds)

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What is nature? Why do we need to take care of nature? This book instills the biggest responsibility we have as humans with a set of activities that will have him asking for more.

Your child:

      Plays nature Bingo, befriends a tree and sees the world around her with renewed interest

      Learns about water conservation and why it is important  

      Understands how to sort garbage

      Learns to make compost and more

Table Of Contents:

  1. Nature Everywhere
  2. My Nature Hike
  3. Meet A Tree
  4. Nature Rocks!
  5. Gifts Of Nature
  6. Switch Off For Nature
  7. Let’s Clean The Air
  8. Sort That Garbage
  9. The Waste We Produce
  10. Reuse For Lesser Trash
  11. Plasto’s Lucky Adventure
  12. The Magic Of Compost
  13. Water Is Precious
  14. Nature Poems And Songs
  15. I Sense Nature
  16. Nature Yoga


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