My Celebrations Activity Book for Kids (3-5 Year Olds)

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What does your child know about the day he was born? Or the history behind her name? This book of activities enables your child to immerse into the world of celebrations which are personally meaningful to you and your family.

Your child gets to:

  • Make salt and glue fireworks
  • Create a phonics photo album
  • Learn important family celebrations using a calendar
  • Learn how to take care of the environment even during celebrations!

Table Of Contents:

  1. The Day I Was Born
  2. About My Name
  3. My First Birthday
  4. Storytime: Ella’s Birthday Party
  5. Cutting The Cake
  6. Kicking The Ball
  7. The Gift Of Giving
  8. Celebrations And Fireworks!
  9. Let’s Celebrate Words
  10. New Years’ Party!
  11. Songs To Celebrate
  12. What’s The Date?
  13. Monthly Family Celebrations
  14. Taking Care Of Earth
  15. Let’s Make Rangoli
  16. Left, Right, Left Right
  17. Push Or Pull

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