Me, Myself and I Activity Book for 3-5 Year Olds Kids

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This is the first book in the Little Learners@Home series. It consists of activities related to 4 different themes:

a) About Me: The activities in this theme are designed to reinforce your child’s sense of self-concept and self-acceptance, and to help him understand his relationship with the world around him. By doing these activities your child gets to appreciate how:

  • He is changing and growing from the day he was born.
  • His interests and what he can do change as he grows.
  • He can use his 5 senses to ‘figure things out’.
  • To use his body to measure items and learn to count.
  • He feels under different situations.

b) My Body: The activities in this theme help your child understand more about his body and how it works. The activities go beyond getting your child to name the body parts.

  • By doing simple experiments your child gets to learn how powerful our hearts are, and how the digestive system works.
  • The activities encourage your child to think and reason and observe things related to her body such as how her shadow changes over the day or how her body talks to her!
  • Keeping her body safe.

c) What I can do: The activities in this section help your child build self-help skills that encourage a ‘Yes, I Can’ mindset that boosts a child’s self-confidence. Your child learns that even if he can’t do something yet, if he keeps trying and practicing he can. The activities also strengthen critical thinking and problem-solving skills and scientific reasoning, which are essential academic skills. Activities include those that help your child to learn to:

  • Dress himself
  • Follow a routine
  • Do tasks independently

d) How I Play: Play is an essential activity that helps your child learn and grow. This theme consists of activities that stimulate brain development, nurture creativity and imagination, and provides a space for your child to express his feelings. Your child will learn:

  • Counting and numbers by inviting toys to a pretend party
  • Language and Literature through story telling
  • Science by experimenting with bubbles
  • Social Studies by building his own garden city
  • Social and Emotional Learning by playing a game
  • Movement and co-ordination through action rhymes

Throughout all 4 themes we have special stories and fun sing-along and action rhymes.

Age Group
Children 3 to 5 years of age
# of pages 176
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ISBN 978-81-946353-1-4
Weight 550 gms
Size 210mm x 297mm

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