Marine Mammals Activity Book for Kids (3-5 Year Olds)

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What’s the difference between marine mammals and fish? How do they ‘see’ under water? What do whales eat and how do they breathe? This book of activities introduces your preschooler to the fascinating world of marine mammals.

Your child:

  • Conducts a condensation experiment
  • Measures a baby whale
  • Creates a polar bear habitat
  • Learns environmental awareness as he tries to mimic an otter crack open shells

Table Of Contents:

  1. Marine Mammal Or Fish
  2. Marine Mammal Food
  3. Echolocation Game
  4. Find The Sea Mammal
  5. All About Whales
  6. Storytime—A Whale Of An Adventure
  7. How Big Is A Whale?
  8. Dolphin Art
  9. Feed The Dolphin
  10. Polar Bear, Polar Bear
  11. Sea Otters
  12. The Pinnipeds
  13. It’s Too Loud
  14. Songs Of The Ocean
  15. Template

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