Mammals Activity Book for Kids (3-5 Year Olds)

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What are mammals? Where do mammals live? What are the different types of mammal habitats? This book of activities introduces your preschooler to the concept of mammals, and their different types—burrowing mammals, tree mammals, day and night mammals, marsupials, etc.

Your Child:

  • Learns about animal food chain
  • Learns why some animals have spots or stripes
  • Conducts a fur and blubber experiment
  • Understands how she can respect animals while keeping safe

Table Of Contents:

  1. Mammals A To Z
  2. What Are Mammals?
  3. All About Habitats
  4. Hot And Cold Habitats
  5. Tree Mammals
  6. Burrowing Mammals
  7. Day And Night Animals
  8. Storytime - Where’s My Mama?
  9. Marsupial Mammals
  10. Animal Food Chain
  11. Run To Mommy
  12. Mammal Bingo
  13. Songs on Mammals
  14. Respecting Animals
  15. You Can’t See Me!


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