Little Learners@Home Book Series: The Big Bundle

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Here is an exclusive big bundle containing a set of 21 books on 6 different themes that you will treasure! 

1. Me Myself and I (4-in Book)  

(Book 1) - About Me: The activities are designed to reinforce your child’s sense of self-concept and self-acceptance, and to help him understand his relationship with the world around him. 

(Book 2) My Body: The activities help your child understand more about his body and how it works. The activities go beyond getting your child to name the body parts.

(Book 3) What I can do: Your child builds self-help skills and develops a ‘Yes, I Can’ mindset, boosting her self-confidence. The activities also strengthen critical thinking, problem-solving skills and scientific reasoning. 

 (Book 4) How I Play: Play is an essential activity that helps your child learn and grow. This book consists of activities that stimulate brain development, nurture creativity and imagination, and provides a space for your child to express his feelings. 

2.  My Family and I (Bundle of 4 books) 


 (Book 1)- My Family
As your child learns about the different people that make up her family, she feels a sense of belonging, which gives her a sense of security. Enrich your child’s understanding of what her family does, and how her parents were as children themselves using this activity book.

(Book 2) - My Home
Where do I live? Can I remember my parents’ phone numbers? How can I learn to be safe at home? These are some of the important information you get to share with your child as you do the activities in this book.

(Book 3) - Festivals
Introduce your child to Indian festivals and their rituals and traditions. This book of activities creates a rich learning experience for your child as she dives into festival stories, sensory and numeracy activities, and even science experiments related to festivals!

 (Book 4) - My Celebrations
What does your child know about the day he was born? Or the history behind his name? This book of activities enables your child to dive into the world of celebrations which are personally meaningful to you and your family.

3. Health and Nutrition (bundle of 4 books)

(Book 1) - My Health and Hygiene
This book of activities introduces your preschooler to important health concepts, such as eating right, activities to keep healthy, how sweating helps, and how she can care for someone who is sick.

(Book 2) - Fruits
This book of activities introduces your child to the world of fruits. Your child learns to make her own fruit salad, learn fruit fractions, make fruit structures, and learn a fruit mindfulness exercise.

(Book 3) Vegetables
How can we plan our menu, while including lots of different vegetables for each meal? Can we conduct an experiment to learn the importance of staying away from processed food? This book provides ample opportunities for your child to learn about the goodness of vegetables. 

(Book 4) My Kitchen
This book provides a deep dive into your own kitchen and enables your child to learn numeracy, literacy, movement, and social-emotional skills, all using simple tools and materials available in your very own kitchen.

4. Animals (bundle of 4 books)

(Book 1) – Mammals

What are mammals? Where do mammals live? This book of activities introduces your preschooler to the concept of mammals, and their different types—burrowing mammals, tree mammals, day and night mammals, marsupials, etc.

(Book 2) – Wild Mammals

What are the various types of mammal families? Which are predators versus prey? Do different animals make different footprints? Why does the poop of different animals look different? This book of activities takes your preschooler through various wild animals and their characteristics.

(Book 3) – Farm Animals

What are the different farm animals and birds? What are the sounds they make? How do they help us? This book of activities helps your preschooler understand how different farm animals and birds live and what they eat.

(Book 4) – Marine Mammals

What’s the difference between marine mammals and fish? How do they ‘see’ under water? What do whales eat and how do they breathe? This book of activities introduces your preschooler to the fascinating world of marine mammals.

5. Creatures (bundle of 4 books)

(Book 1) – Insects, Bugs and Crawlies

How do you know if a creature is an insect or not? Can you make a firefly that can glow? This book of activities introduces your preschooler to the concept of insects, bugs and crawlies – learn how they feed, communicate and about other unique features that would marvel you.

(Book 2) – Birds

Do all birds fly? Can some swim? Why do different birds have different kinds of beaks and legs? This book of activities introduces your child to the world of birds.

(Book 3) – Reptiles and Amphibians

What are the different kinds of reptiles? How are crocodiles and alligators different? Are reptiles poisonous? Do they all have teeth? What about amphibians? This book of activities helps your preschooler understand how reptiles and amphibians are classified, how they live and what they eat.

(Book 4) – Dinosaurs

What did the mighty creatures that once roamed the earth look like? What would they have eaten? This book of activities answers the questions your curious child might have about dinosaurs.

 6. Exploring Nature (bundle of 4 books)

(Book 1) – Ecosystems

What is an Ecosystem? What is a food chain? How are we connected to different organisms? Do different creatures need different conditions to survive? This book of activities introduces your preschooler to the concept of an ecosystem. 


(Book 2) – Plants & Trees

What are same and what are different about plants and trees? What do they need to survive? Do some plants eat animals? Let your child find answers to these questions and learn more 

about plants and trees with interesting activities from this book.


(Book 3) – Flowers

Why are flowers brightly coloured? What are the parts of a flower? Can you eat flowers? Can some be poisonous? Let your child marvel at the beauty of flowers as she indulges in interesting and creative activities.


(Book 4) – Taking Care Of Nature

What is nature? Why do we need to take care of nature? This book instills the biggest responsibility we have as humans with a set of activities that helps him learn about the gifts of nature, our use of natural resources, and how we can reduce, reuse, and recycle.

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