Little Learners@Home

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LittleLearners@Home Book Series: Monthly Subscription

A set of books that allows your child to experience the joy of learning through hands-on, multisensorial activities that  boost your child’s brain development. The activities have been designed by experts to help develop your child’s creativity, critical thinking and social-emotional skills. Nurture a learner for life and get your child ready for success in the future. 

Subscribe to this Book Series and receive a set of 4 books every month during your subscription period based on the monthly themes given below:

  1. Me, Myself & I
  2. My Family
  3. Health and Nutrition
  4. Land and Sea Animals
  5. Insects, Birds, Reptiles
  6. Nature and Environment
  7. People and Pets
  8. Modes of Transport
  9. My City, My Town
  10. Earth
  11. Water
  12. Space
    Age Group
    Children 3 to 5 years of age
    # of pages (3 Month) 540 (9 Books)
    # of pages (6 Month) 1068 (21 Books)
    # of pages (12 Month) 2124 (45 Books)
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    ISBN 978-81-946353-1-4
    Weight (3 Month) 1750 gms
    Weight (6 Month)
    3.5 Kg
    Weight (12 Month)
    7 Kg
    Size 210mm x 297mm

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