Learn with Phonics Books for Kids Age 4-10 (Pack of 5 Books with 5 Titles)

₹ 1,500.00
Phonics skills are essential for children to become independent readers. Presented in a very attractive and child-friendly manner, activity-based ‘Learn with Phonics’ is a set of 5 books that marks the beginning of a journey of learning letter sounds, short and long vowels, double-letter consonant sounds, double-letter vowel sounds to pronounce words.

• Perfect for age-group 4-10
• 96 pages
• Bright colourful images
• Cute cover design

This set of books is a visual treat of kid-friendly illustrations and activities to encourage learning and strengthen phonetic skills. These books provide authentic practice of early phonic skills and help children learn high-frequency words, vocabulary, and comprehension skills.

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