Happy Me Journal : A Bullet Journal for Kids (9-16 Year Olds)

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  1. Owing to the overwhelming response to the downloadable version of the Happy Me Journal, we now have a printed version! It has all the features of the earlier one, now printed and bound into a fun and smart journal that your children are sure to love.

A bullet journal is an organized way of keeping a record of everything that’s happening in one’s life.

It helps children organize their thoughts, understand their emotions and process whats happening around them. It encourages them to take ownership of their goals and aspirations by allowing them to set and track goals, organise tasks and plan their day, month and even, year! By keeping a bullet journal regularly, they will connect with themselves.

ParentCircles Happy Me Journal is designed to enhance your childs mental and emotional development. It will creatively engage your child and open a world of learning and self-discovery.

This journal comprises three parts:

All About Me: This section is designed to be filled when the child begins bullet journaling and then updated through the course of year. These pages help the child set out goals, aspirations and expectations for the year. The journal also helps children understand themselves better and introspect on how they relate to the world around them.

The Monthly Tracker: These pages are designed to be filled out at the beginning of every month and updated through the course of the month. They are aimed at helping children plan the month, map their habits and moods in an interesting format, set out goals and aspiration and track their progress by updating the pages regularly. They can also get their creativity going by coloring and doodling.

The Daily Tracker: These pages are to be filled every day. They help children keep track of the events of the day, process events that took place, understand their feeling better and prepare for the next day.

Table Of Contents: 

All About Me 

  1. About Me
  2. This is Me
  3. My Favourite People
  4. My Bucket List
  5. My Goals for 2021
  6. Positivity Notes
  7. My Gratitude Jar
  8. My Piggy Bank

                  Monthly Tracker 

                  1. Monthly Planner
                  2. Mood Tracker
                  3. Habit Tracker
                  4. My Worry Bubbles
                  5. My Family Corner
                  6. My Little Library
                  7. Coloring Time
                  8. Creative Zone

                     Daily tracker

                    1. Notes for Everyday 

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