Farm Animals Activity Book for Kids (3-5 Year Olds)

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What are the different farm animals and birds? What are the sounds they make? How do they help us? This book of activities helps your preschooler understand how different farm animals and birds live and what they eat.

Your child:

  • Explores creative ways to represent what farm animals eat
  • Learns about the chicken life cycle
  • Learns how to tell a story
  • Understand how to create her own graph and count

Table Of Contents:

  1. My Own Farmhouse!
  2. Are You My Mother?
  3. What Do I Eat?
  4. How Farm Animals Help Us
  5. Chicken And Egg
  6. How Many Eggs?
  7. Farm Animal Board Game
  8. Storytime—Maya And Her Pet Lamb
  9. Colour Maya’s School
  10. Let’s Tell A Story
  11. Farm Songs
  12. Farm Animals Graphing
  13. All About Cow Poop
  14. Being Kind To Animals
  15. Duck Feather Experiment
  16. Template

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