EcoSystems Activity Book for 3-5 year olds

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What is an Ecosystem? What is a food chain? How are we connected to different organisms? Do different creatures need different conditions to survive? This book of activities introduces your preschooler to the concept of an ecosystem.  


Your child:


  •     Learns to distinguish between land, water and air
  •       Learns about different kinds of ecosystems – the deserts, forests, polar regions, and the oceans
  •       Creates a ‘Forest Abacus’ 

·        Builds an Igloo and engages in many more hands-on activities that deepen his understanding about ecosystems

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    About ‘LittleLearners@Home Book Series’

    A set of theme-based activity books for children 3 to 5 years of age. They serve as a guide for parents to create an enriching learning environment at home. They are filled with activities and ideas for parents to turn everyday moments into learning moments for the child.

    Developed by experts in child development, child psychology and early education, this unique ‘LittleLearners@Home Book Series’ has been designed keeping in mind the developmental characteristics and developmental progression of 3- to 5-year-old children.

    Through simple and fun activities, the activities in these books focus on developing skills that support competency in 7 areas of learning:

    * Movement and Coordination
    * Language and Literacy
    * Numeracy and Number sense
    * Me and My World (Environment, Science, Social Studies)
    * Social Emotional Learning
    * Art and Creative Expression
    * Health and Safety

    The goal: The key goal of this set of books is to create enthusiastic learners for life who will always view learning as fun and exciting. The activities have been designed to nurture curiosity in preschool-age children and to encourage them to explore, discover and learn through parent-guided and child-led activities. There is a lot of focus on creativity, critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills and learning through discovery.
    Parent tips: This set of books lays a lot of emphasis on parent-child connection, and social and emotional learning. They are filled with tips for parents on how to do the activities, what to expect from their child, and the conversations to have with their child to encourage his learning and growth.