Neivedya - is More Than Just a Ritual for Kids (Age 1-6)

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The word Neivedya comes from Nivedana, which means ‘to offer’. Neivedya is more than just a ritual. It teaches one the joy of offering and sharing food. It makes us realize the importance of - at times - showing restraint towards our favorite foods. It nudges us to accept food as a blessing, and to be ever thankful for all the yummy food we are fortunate to get, and to truly appreciate the taste buds we are bestowed with. But every Neivedya also has a story to tell! This activity kit attempt at transporting toddlers to the legends and folklore behind these divine food offering.

What's inside?

Jigsaw Puzzle: Match the Gods with their favorite foods!
Ladoo Gobble: Turn sheets of boondi into laddoos and aim them at little Ghatotkacha’s mouth!
Story Book: Why does Ganesha like modaks? Turn the pages and jump into the colorful stories of modaks and murukkus, laddoos and langar, kheer and more!
Coloring Book: Gather your colors to paint your favorite Gods and their favorite snacks.

What's unique about this kit?

We understand the need for skill-building in toddlers. We help children develop these skills in fun ways that are rooted in Indic culture
*Motor Skills : Tearing, crumpling will help your little ones build on their gross and fine motor skill. The throwing of ladoos will help children develop their hand-eye coordination through fun play.
*Problem solving and curiosity : Matching the Gods to their favourite foods exercises their brains and kindles their curiosity about our various native foods.
*Imagination & Creativity : Getting to know about different characters and their stories encourages story-telling, pretend-play and more