Combo of This is the Way We Eat and This is the Way We Dance Picture Books for Toddler (Age 6 Months+)

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Ignite your toddler's curiosity with our special combo pack featuring two captivating products. "This is the Way We Dance" introduces your toddlers to the enchanting world of Indian dance forms from all Indian states, captivating them with vivid colors and joyful expressions. And "This is the Way We Eat" takes young readers on a culinary journey, introducing them to delicious vegetarian dishes from all Indian states, celebrating the diversity of Indian cuisines.
This combo pack offers a dynamic blend of culture and taste, providing your child with a unique opportunity to explore India's rich heritage through both movement and food. It's an educational and sensory experience that will leave them enchanted and enlightened!
"This is the Way We Eat
India’s culinary landscape reflects its varied culture and traditions. From the tangy, savory dishes of the south to the sweet and spicy foods of the north, this book will open your children’s eyes to the delicious variety of flavors on India’s menu!
Through vibrant illustrations, young readers will be introduced to food items that are unique to each of India’s states.
This book is perfect for introducing toddlers to Indian food in a fun and inviting way. It will provide a great starting point for further exploration of India’s diverse and delicious cuisines
This is the Way We Dance
Traditional dance forms are an integral part of our culture. They reflect the vibrant spirit of India. This book is an exploration of some of the most popular Indian dance forms, with pictures that capture the grace and beauty of each one.
It is important to provide our children with the best possible early learning experiences. A toddler picture book with Indian classical and folk dances will instill a love for traditional Indian dance in toddlers; it helps them gain an appreciation for our culture.
So, join us on a journey through the world of Indian dance!" "This is the Way We Eat
Toddler Picture Book This delightful picture book is full of vibrant illustrations showcasing India's culinary diversity.
This is the Way We Dance
Toddler Picture Book This delightful picture book is full of vibrant illustrations showcasing the traditional dances of 28 Indian states." "Cultural Rootedness: Introduce you children to an aspect of India’s rich diversity that they will carry with them for life.
Screen-free Learning: Keep children engaged and interested in learning without relying on TV, phones or computers.
Kindles Curiosity: The picture book will serve as a gateway for children to explore other aspects of each state’s culture.
Enhances Memory: Picture books develop children's memory skills. They will start to recognize dance forms and also the food of each state."