Health and Nutrition Books for 3-5 Year Olds Kids (Bundle of 4 Books)

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A set of 4 books based on the theme Health and Nutrition which includes the titles:
  1. My Health and Hygiene
  2. Fruits
  3. Vegetables
  4. My Kitchen
Little Learner@Home Book Series: Health and Nutrition (Book 1) - My Health and Hygiene
What are good hygiene habits? How can I keep my teeth healthy? How can I get good sleep? This book of activities introduces your preschooler to important health concepts, such as eating right, activities to keep healthy, how sweating helps, and how she can care for someone who is sick.
Your child:
  • Learns about Go, Slow, and Whoa foods
  • Practices deep breathing,
  • Conducts a dental science experiment
  • Learns how germs spread, and more importantly, how to stop the spread
Little Learner@Home Book Series: Health and Nutrition (Book 2) - Fruits
This book of activities introduces your child to the world of fruits through multisensorial, numeracy, and literacy activities. Your child gets to:
  • Identify parts of a fruit
  • Make her own fun fruit salad
  • Do fruit STEM activities
  • Sing fruit songs
  • Even do fruit fractions!
The book also provides fruit templates that you can cut and laminate to help familiarize your child with a wide range of fruits and their colors. You could also use them in various activities through the book.

Little Learner@Home Book Series: Health and Nutrition (Book 3) Vegetables
How can we plan our menu, while including lots of different vegetables for each meal? Can we conduct an experiment to learn the importance of staying away from processed food? This book provides ample opportunities for your child to learn about vegetables, such as:
  • Sorting veggies based on the part of the plant it came from
  • Putting together her own rainbow pizza
  • Harvesting her own microgreens
Look out for fun veggie games—identifying veggie feelings, musical chairs with veggies, and a unique pillows and peas game! The book also provides veggie templates that you can cut and laminate and use for a variety of hands-on activities suggested in the book.

Little Learner@Home Book Series: Health and Nutrition (Book 4) - My Kitchen
This book provides a deep dive into your own kitchen and enables your child to learn numeracy, literacy, movement, and social-emotional skills, all using simple tools and materials available in your very own kitchen.
Get your child to:
  • Learn how to use kitchen tools
  • Experiment with food and formation of mold
  • Explore different ways of cooking a potato or transforming milk
  • Learn how he can help in the kitchen
  • Most importantly, learn how to keep safe in the kitchen!
Look out for fun sensorial activities that also build your child’s concentration and vocabulary.

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