Exploring Nature Activity Books for 3-5 Year Old Kids (Bundle of 4 Books)

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Little Learner@Home Book Series: Exploring Nature

(Book 1) – EcoSystems

What is an Ecosystem? What is a food chain? How are we connected to different organisms? Do different creatures need different conditions to survive? This book of activities introduces your preschooler to the concept of an ecosystem.  


Your child:


  •     Learns to distinguish between land, water and air
  •       Learns about different kinds of ecosystems – the deserts, forests, polar regions, and the oceans
  •       Creates a ‘Forest Abacus’ 

·        Builds an Igloo and engages in many more hands-on activities that deepen his understanding about ecosystems

Little Learner@Home Book Series: Exploring Nature

(Book 2) – Plants & Trees

What are same and what are different about plants and trees? What do they need to survive? Do some plants eat animals? Let your child find answers to these questions and learn more 

about plants and trees with interesting activities from this book.


Your child:

      Learns about the life cycle of plants

      Understands how plants help us

      Discovers facts about how plants protect themselves with the help of special adaptations  

∙       Learns about insectivorous plants and enjoys many sensorial activities 

Little Learner@Home Book Series: Exploring Nature

(Book 3) – Flowers

Why are flowers brightly coloured? What are the parts of a flower? Can you eat flowers? Can some be poisonous? Let your child marvel at the beauty of flowers as she indulges

in interesting and creative activities.


Your child:

      Learns about flowers and where they come from

      Finds out what’s magical about sunflowers

      Understands the concept of symmetry with the help of flowers

      Creates masterpieces of art as she learns several interesting facts about flowers

Little Learner@Home Book Series: Exploring Nature

(Book 3) – Taking Care Of Nature

What is nature? Why do we need to take care of nature? This book instills the biggest responsibility we have as humans with a set of activities that will have him asking for more.

Your child:

      Plays nature Bingo, befriends a tree and sees the world around her with renewed interest

      Learns about water conservation and why it is important  

      Understands how to sort garbage

      Learns to make compost and more


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