Animals Activity Books for 3-5 Year Old Kids (Bundle of 4 Books)

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A set of 4 books based on the theme Mammals which includes the titles:

  1. Mammals
  2. Wild Mammals
  3. Farm Animals
  4. Marine Mammals


Little Learner@Home Book Series: Mammals

(Book 1) – Mammals

What are mammals? Where do mammals live? What are the different types of mammal habitats? This book of activities introduces your preschooler to the concept of mammals, and their different types—burrowing mammals, tree mammals, day and night mammals, marsupials, etc.

Your child:

  • Learns about animal food chain
  • Learns why some animals have spots or stripes
  • Conducts a fur and blubber experiment
  • Understands how she can respect animals while keeping safe


(Book 2) – Wild Mammals

What are the various types of mammal families? Which are predators versus prey? Do different animals make different footprints? Why does the poop of different animals look different? This book of activities takes your preschooler through various wild animals and their characteristics.

Your child:

  • Learns about shapes and symmetry
  • Conducts an experiment for sideways and forward-facing eyes
  • Develops her imagination with an animal activity jar
  • Learns about feelings by making an animal feeling cup

(Book 3) – Farm Animals

What are the different farm animals and birds? What are the sounds they make? How do they help us? This book of activities helps your preschooler understand how different farm animals and birds live and what they eat.

Your child:

  • Explores creative ways to represent what farm animals eat
  • Learns about the chicken life cycle
  • Learns how to tell a story
  • Understand how to create her own graph and count


(Book 4) – Marine Mammals

What’s the difference between marine mammals and fish? How do they ‘see’ under water? What do whales eat and how do they breathe? This book of activities introduces your preschooler to the fascinating world of marine mammals.

Your child:

  • Conducts a condensation experiment
  • Measures a baby whale
  • Creates a polar bear habitat
  • Learns environmental awareness as he tries to mimic an otter crack open shells

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