About Parentcircle

Confident Parent. Confident Child. Confident Shopping.

Over the last decade, we at ParentCircle, have single-mindedly focused on supporting parents—as they strive to raise happy, healthy, confident and successful children—through our magazines, ParentCircle (English) and Chellamey (Tamil), online portal (https://www.parentcircle.com), and workshops for parents in schools and corporates.

As part of our journey, we have been researching and working with leading experts worldwide to understand how parenting impacts a child’s development and growth, and what are the key factors that help children become confident and successful both in academics and later in life.

Key points that have stood out are:
  • A strong parent-child connection
  • Building social-emotional strength in children
  • Giving children the opportunity to explore, experiment and learn
  • Helping parents create enriching learning environments in the home
Keeping this in mind, we at ParentCircle are developing books and products with the help of experts in parenting, child psychology and child education. We place a lot of emphasis on helping parents build a trusting relationship with their child, which in turn increases cooperation between parents and children and reduces conflicts.

Our products have been designed to help parents create an enriching learning environment in their home. They serve as a guide for parents, not only on how to keep their children engaged, but also on how to engage with their children as they learn and grow together.

We are excited to launch our newest offering https://shop.parentcircle.com, an online shop where you can purchase all our products in one place.

Shop with confidence and experience the joy of connection with your child.